We believe in developing customized solutions specific to each organizations needs and it begins with requirement analysis. Based on the complexity and project size, we shall follow suitable SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) models like Water fall model, Iterative model or other models. Our software solutions are uniquely customer centric in that - we focus on revenue increasing models for our customers while keeping application maintenance and modification costs very low with a very flexible design architecture.


Custom Application Development

Sai Techno Brains are providing companies with cost-effective outsourced custom software solutions architected to compliment their business process, with rich and friendly user interfaces - in a fraction of the time and costs that would otherwise be required.

Companies demand the most of their application development service - and with good reason! The ability not just to use the application as a part of the business but as the business itself, feature-rich and cost-effective enterprise applications is a must in today's highly-competitive business / technological environment.Whether you are looking to develop a custom software solution to meet your specific business needs, or wish to simply enhance the functionality or graphical user interface of your legacy applications, Sai Techno Brains has the right solution. Our productivity-enhancing development teams with a collaborative culture allow companies to benefit from quality enterprise applications - quickly and within budget.